Learn to create a bedtime routine that your baby can easily adjust to and understand.

Hi there, I’m Juanita!

My goal here at Anchored by Inspiration is to help you spend LESS time overwhelmed with motherhood and
MORE time finding balance, so you’re able to truly enjoy mom life!

I am a litigation paralegal by day, blogger by night and best of all, a Mama every moment in between and then some! As a busy working Mama, I know what it’s like trying to juggle it all, and at the same time trying not to feel so overwhelmed. It can get pretty chaotic between caring for the baby, house chores, taking care of your spouse, and work. I mean the list goes on really! Even though life can get pretty busy with kids, we really don’t want to let these special years pass us by because we’re just exhausted, worn out, and TIRED. I would love to help you enjoy these precious moments with your littles and share with you what has kept me sane as I dove straight into motherhood!

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