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If you’re reading this, you are probably here because you are looking for a way to help you sleep better at night. You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to get a good night’s rest. With that said, let’s dive right in! Here are 10 different things you can do before bed to help you sleep well so you feel great the next day:

1. Bathe at night! Taking a warm bath before bed definitely is a great way to relax. It works even better if you have a cold or maybe your allergies have you down. When you’re not feeling well, getting a good night’s sleep is usually pretty difficult. Taking a bath before bed can help open your nose and relax you all at the same time.

2. Have a snack. Having a healthy snack before bed can also help you get a good night’s sleep! Sometimes not having a snack will cause you to wake up hungry in the morning or even in the middle of night, which interrupts your sleep. I have had this happen on several occasions! The easiest way to fix that was having a healthy snack before bed. You definitely don’t want to become a midnight snacker!

3. One thing that can really help clear your mind before bed is prayer! Pray before bed to pray away the things that keep your mind busy, and you unable to sleep. Asking God to relieve you of your burdens and asking for forgiveness for your sins will relax you and help you feel lighter.

4. If you don’t already, exercise before bed! Exercising before bed is also a way to help you get a good night’s sleep. Exercising before bed can help wind you down by burning off some of that energy you may have.

5. Get rid of all the lights! If you put your phone on the charger, make sure you charge it away from your bed, put it in another room or cover the light. Keep the TV off, room lights, alarm clocks, etc. Leaving on the lights can be a distraction when you’re trying to sleep.

6. Read a book. Reading can help relax you a lot before bed too. It’s a good way to help you wind down. Just don’t do what my sister does, which is have a book that’s so good it actually keeps you awake instead, smh, ha. Who doesn’t love a good book though, right?

7. Find the right temperature! If you’re anything like me you can’t sleep when it’s too warm, so finding the right temperature in your house is definitely something that you have to do before going to bed. I personally like sleeping with a fan on. That is practically a must for me, even in the winter. Having a cooler room helps us to sleep better because our bodies warm up when we’re sleeping. Nothing is more frustrating than being too hot and trying to get comfortable with a leg sticking out of the comforter.

8. Write down what is on your mind before bed, and how you plan to fix it. Doing this will also help you relieve your mind of all the things that stress you because at the same time you’re developing a plan to make those problems disappear! These things may be on your mind, but knowing you have a plan will make you feel better. Sometimes you just have to analyze those problems!

9. Use essential oils. Using essential oils with a diffuser is a good way to help relax as well! Lavender is my all time favorite! These diffusers really help to soothe you and calm the room.

10. If you lay down and still find yourself struggling with having a clear mind, try to play soft music. Instrumental music can be super helpful, because you are simply listening to the melody and there are no words to distract your brain.

If you try any of the above tactics to help you sleep better, comment below and let me know what works the best for you! If you have something else that you do that really helps, feel free to share that as well!

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  1. These are some great tips. I tried exercising in the evening and it kept me awake. I guess I was too wired from the workout, lol! Praying helps me. I should try writing things down because I do notice my mind is all over the place when I try to go to sleep.

    1. You should try it! It is pretty helpful 🙂

  2. Need this… Im up all night fighting demons

    1. Pray and write things down that are on your mind. Definitely helps! Good luck!

  3. Those are great tips! I had so much difficulties to sleep at night!

  4. Thanks for this info. I’ll sure try them. Been having difficulty sleeping.

    1. Awesome! Hope they help you and things get better!

  5. Great tips from you I do take a bath before I sleep so I fresh all of the night 🙂

    1. Taking a bath before bed is awesome for a good night’s rest too!

  6. Great post! I love listening to music I think it’s very helpful. I know that watching TV or looking at your phone can stimulate your brain and prevent you from sleeping as Deeply as well.

    1. Thank you! Yes, you’re absolutely right!

  7. There’s nothing like a hot shower and a book before bed. Great post!

    1. Yes! I actually love listening to books on Audible as I’m trying to fall asleep. Works like a charm!

  8. THANK YOU! It can be so tough getting good sleep as a mother!

  9. Finding the right temperature is so important to have a sound sleep.

    1. It is definitely the key to getting comfortable!

  10. Bernadeta says:

    This was really helpful!

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading!

    1. Yes, we definitely do :-). I definitely look forward to a good night’s rest.

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