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When you have small children it’s hard to think of things that you can do on a weekend when you don’t have much (or any) money to spend. If you’re looking for new ideas to do as a family and don’t have money to spend, I’m going to share with you 50 activities that don’t cost you anything! When you go out as a family, those costs add up quickly and rather than sit around and be bored, sometimes you just have to be creative!

  1. Go camping in the backyard. If being outside is too much for you, you can also do this right in your living room! Pack sandwiches and make it fun!
  2. Make slime!
  3. Have a talent show.
  4. Research and find a science experiment that you and the kids can do together. All kids love a good science experiment. Probably more because they can make a mess, but they love it nonetheless, ha.
  5. Use sidewalk chalk and make a game of it! We used to do this all the time when I was a kid with hopscotch. You could maybe even give the kids something to draw and see how they turn out!
  6. Do an outdoor scavenger hunt!
  7. Have Karaoke night at home.
  8. Take a hike!
  9. Cook or bake together!
  10. Look on Pinterest for a DIY item the family can make with things around the house. I thought this was going to be a hard one, but it’s actually pretty simple to find.
  11. Have daughters? Do home manicures and pedicures. All girls like getting their nails polished.
  12. Do a puzzle together.
  13. Have a treasure hunt inside.
  14. Make an obstacle course! How fun would it be to put together an obstacle course right in your back yard!
  15. If you have a local pool free to you (or a relative/friend), that’s an option. You could always pack lunch and take it down to the pool! If you don’t have access to a pool, there’s always the water hose, ha.
  16. Go fishing. If you already have the necessary tools, fishing is simple and only costs the price of the bait.
  17. Visit the local library for some new books!
  18. If it’s summer, pull out the water balloons! Some of my best memories as a kid surround the days when we did this!
  19. Volunteer somewhere as a family.
  20. If you have any current memberships, put them to use! If you have a pass to a local theme park, use it! Just make sure the kids know that they will eating lunch before you go and won’t be buying anything once you’re there. If they are too young to understand that, then maybe move on to something different. If you have a membership to the children’s museum or something of that sort, that could be a lot of fun too!
  21. Have movie day! Make some pizza and popcorn!
  22. Game Night is always fun too! Most of us already have board games and cards around the house, but if you need ideas, check out my top 3 board games!

Family time doesn’t always have to be expensive, just have to think outside of the box! The best memories are usually the ones that are spare of the moment and unplanned, or simply those that were made up with things around the house. Use your imagination and be creative!

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