21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love
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Can anyone believe its already November?! This year has already flown by and now everyone is making holiday plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays can be a lot of fun, but if you’re looking for something extra to spice up the holiday cheer for you and your family, here are some great ideas!

21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child can be a great thing to do as a family. It’s an act of kindness that will show your kids that not everyone has the same luxuries in life as them, but when you are in a position to help others, you can truly be a blessing to another family.

Bake Holiday Cookies

Make it a tradition to bake cookies for Santa, or each other! This is a fun way to let the kids get creative in the kitchen with the icing and sprinkles, or simply helping with the mixing of the batter! Creating memories together by far exceeds anything else.

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Deliver baked goods to your neighbors and friends.

This too falls under the acts of kindness category! The kids would love to help make and deliver cookies or special treats to their neighbors! This could even be something fun to do for their teachers just before the kids are out for winter break in addition to your gift! I almost left out the best part…it’s also pretty inexpensive!

Do a Christmas Light Tour.

Do I really need to explain this one? Ha. Gathering everyone up in the car and riding around nearby neighborhoods and checking out everyone’s Christmas lights is so much fun for everyone, especially the kids!

21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Have an Ugly Sweater Party

Who doesn’t love a good party?! Your family can take the time to make an ugly holiday sweater, or spend time shopping for them if you’d prefer. I’d have to say that making them is so much more fun though! Get creative!

Read a Holiday Book Each Night

I always loved “The Night Before Christmas!” This is a fun book to read for the holiday. Do some digging around and find great holiday books that you’d like to share with your kids! Most kids love a good book!

Watch Older Traditional Holiday Cartoons/Movies

My favorite shows/movies to watch as a family around the holidays are Rudolph and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Maybe even consider doing a movie night marathon!

Host a Gift Exchange and/or Begin the Tradition of Drawing Names!

You can do this among the family, or just the kids. We used to do a gift exchange when I was younger with my cousins and it was a lot of fun!

I have a very large family, and sometimes it’s hard to buy gifts for every member. Something that we recently started doing that I wish we had started years ago was draw names among the adults in the family. For every member that wanted to participate, we enter the names to be drawn on Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving came around we put all the names in a Ziploc bag and shook them up and let everyone pick one. The name you choose is the person that you have to buy a gift for, for Christmas. We did put a spending limit on the gift so that everyone’s gift was in the same price range and chose to only exchange among the adults since Santa already visits all the children.

21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Write a Letter to Santa.

Having your kids sit down and write a letter to Santa can be pretty exciting for them. I remember doing this as a kid and really enjoyed telling Santa how good I was and apologizing for the times he may have seen me misbehaving; there was a year or two that I was very concerned that I would be getting coal for Christmas, ha.

Receive a Text and Picture From Santa!

Did you know you can sign up for Santa to send your kids personalized text messages? Sign up for Texts from Santa! The fun thing about this is your child will also receive a picture of Santa right next to your tree on Christmas morning. How cool is that?!

21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Go Ice Skating.

Ice skating is just a fun thing to do as a family and can easily be made a family tradition that your family will look forward to every year!

Make St. Nicholas Day Apart of Your Family Tradition!

St. Nicholas Day is December 6th! I remember when I was a kid we’d put our shoes out in the hallway in Pre-K just before rest period and when we woke up we’d have small treats left inside of them. This could be a fun activity to do at home as well! Coins and small treats or gifts would be fun and exciting for the kids to wake up to!

Do Random Acts of Kindness

As a fun alternative to The Elf on the Shelf, you could do Kindness Elves! When I was younger one of my elementary school teachers did this and everyday the elf would suggest an act of kindness that we couldn’t wait to participate in. This could be fun for your family as well. The elf could suggest delivering baked goods to your neighbors, feeding the homeless or recommend sponsoring a child or simply just encouraging good behavior among the kids.

Work on Ornaments Together!

Either choose one that your family will work on together or have everyone make their own. The kids can even make ornaments for family members’ trees!

21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Play Holiday Board Games

A lot of the time traditional board games come up with holiday versions or themes of the game which are super fun to play around the holiday season. Bonding and having family time is always an added bonus around the holidays when everyone is spending so much time at home!

Have a Holiday Dance-Off!

When your family comes together for the holiday have everyone come with a dance routine and holiday song. This can be a fun way to liven up the day! This can be done with the individual families within the family, for example you, your husband/wife and kids, and then your brother/sister and their wife/husband and kids. This is a fun way to include the kids and to have the shyer ones participate since they are less likely to do it on their own and you’re able to easily practice since you all live in the home together…but when you come together on Christmas day, the live performances begin!

Prepare a Gift for the Kids That They Can Open the Night Before Christmas!

Every kid loves having a present, and being able to open one early is exciting! You could have the gift include new pajamas, slippers, a movie, hot chocolate and popcorn! You could even include something else special. This could be the one gift that the kids can open before Santa comes!

Deck the Living Room Out in Christmas Lights and Camp Out Under Them!

Everyone can grab their sleeping bags, blankets, and stuffed animals and have family night by the Christmas tree. This would be a fun memorable activity for the kids and something to look forward to! When I was younger we’d make tents by connecting a blanket to the couches and recliner and camp out under them. Super simple, but a lot of fun!

Plant Peppermint Seeds & Grow Candy Canes!

Do your kids still believe in magic? If so, you could plant peppermint “seeds” to grow candy canes! Of course you’d have to make sure that the broken peppermints you provided the children as seeds, are the same as those that grow so that there isn’t a color difference! We don’t want the kids catching on!

21 Holiday Traditions Your Kids Will Love

Start a Tradition of the 4-Gift Rule!

This is a good idea to help keep the kids from feeling entitled to a ton of presents from a magical person. It’s also helpful when they get older so they won’t make others feel bad who didn’t receive as much. So what is the 4-gift rule? This means your kids would only get one of each of these things: something they want, something they need, something to read, and something to wear! These 4 gifts would be from Santa, but everything else you purchase for the kids would simply be from Mom & Dad. Santa is supposed to be fair, so all “good” children should receive the same amount of presents from him.

Remind the Children Who Christmas is All About!

This one doesn’t need much explanation, but simply remind the kids who Christmas is all about so they don’t lose sight of why we actually celebrate Christmas! We get so wrapped up in presents that we miss the real meaning of why we even celebrate Christmas in the first place.

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I’d love to hear what special family traditions you participate in with your family! The Christmas season is such a special one. The memories that you create now are what your kids will remember for the years to come. Memories are better than any other gift they could possibly receive!

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