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We sometimes can lose ourselves when we’re in a relationship. It’s a very unfortunate thing because being in a relationship can be one of the best things of our life and you’ll always have someone to tag along so that you’re not alone. Sometimes people like the pretty picture of being in a relationship, but being in a relationship requires a lot of promises, compromises and sacrifices. You’re constantly making adjustments because you can’t primarily focus on yourself, but you have to take into consideration someone else and their feelings. While sacrificing can be a part of the deal, you don’t want to give up so much that you lose yourself.

#1: Don’t give up your happiness. Giving up your happiness for somebody else is never a good thing. Sometimes when you’re making sacrifices, you don’t realize that this is what you’re doing and when you do realize it, it can be hard to change. If you give up your happiness, it’ll just make you resent your partner later.

#2: Don’t give up your family. Family over everything, right? Yep and it can’t be more true. If you have a family that is close and supports you, do not give up on them for any man or woman. Family is who will stand behind you when that person is no longer there. When dating, this is actually something that I take into consideration. I like to see how well my boyfriend interacts with my family because we’re just going to join forces and have an even bigger family which is just awesome!

#3: Don’t give up your friends. Don’t let someone stop you from hanging out with your friends, especially the ones that are near to your heart. If this new partner is good for you, he/she should want you to spend time with your friends and not try to come between that. Having friends is what helps us keep our sanity. We can’t have somebody coming into the picture trying to take them all away.

#4: Don’t give up your independence. I’ve always been very independent. I like doing things for myself and on my own. I love the fact that I don’t have to depend on someone else for anything that I have. I’ve worked hard to get where I am and it makes it even more proud that I was able to get there without any help! Don’t ever let someone come between you and your independence. If anything you can work together, but never get where you are because someone else brought you there. You’ll have everything you’ve dreamed of but the second you lose that person, you’ve lost it all. Never become dependent on someone else. If you do, you’ll be disappointed every time. Some people feel like they need someone or have to have them, but if you’re someone that is proud of how independent you are, don’t let someone steal your joy. Independence and personal space are very important.

#5: Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give up on your dream to be a parent, get married, get that career you dream of, and the list goes on! If you have a dream for your life, never give up on it. If you do, it’s going to cause resentment later. Continue to push forward and strive to be the best you that you can be. If someone is trying to come between that, maybe it’s them that need to be let go.

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