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Hello, I’m Juanita!

I have spent over 8 years helping families establish bedtime routines with their babies, so they are able to say goodbye to those sleepless nights, short naps and endless hours on Google trying to find the answer.

When my daughter Isla was born, she fell right into the day/night confusion like most all babies do. She was waking during the night every 45 minutes to an hour! I started working with her when she was 4 months old to establish better sleep habits and now she and I both wake up energized, happy and ready to take on the day!

After truly experiencing first-hand in my own household what I had been teaching to other families over the years, I knew I had to continue helping families say goodbye to those sleepless nights because the transformation is phenomenal!

Sleep quickly became a passion of mine when I realized the impact that sleep deprivation can have on the parenting experience. I have since made it my mission to help parents restore confidence, the joy of parenthood, clarity and freedom back into their lives and it all begins with restoring sleep back into the life of your family!

Oftentimes our biggest struggle with a baby home is finding balance, creating and sticking to routines and actually following through. We’re so exhausted that sometimes we just have no clue where to even begin, and we oftentimes give in! You’d expect this to be last on your routine list, but bedtime is your best place to start! I am going to share with you my baby sleep tips that will ultimately help you say goodbye to those sleepless nights with your baby. Most moms think that their baby’s sleep situation is unique to their child, but I’m here to tell you that a baby as young as 4 months old can sleep very well at night!

There’s hope Mama!

There are no secrets to baby sleep, but sleep can definitely become overwhelming for a family really quickly.

In just a couple of weeks, you can have your baby on track and sleeping well, so that your family can get the rest they need and everyone can wake up ready to tackle a new day!

You don’t have to be overwhelmed and exhausted anymore! You are not alone. I’m here to provide you with practical solutions that ACTUALLY WORK. Let’s say YES to sleep and make sleep your family’s REALITY!

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Motherhood takes a village, and I hope you’re planning to stick around and become a part of ours!

Photo Taken By: Kaleigh Ann of www.kaleighannphotography.com
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Photo Taken By: Kaleigh Ann of www.kaleighannphotography.com