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Are you thinking hard about what could be a gift from the kids to dad for Father’s Day this year? As the years pass, trying to think of something new to do or to buy for them just gets harder and harder and often leaves us stumped. We always need an idea for something that we haven’t done in the past, but what?! Just like moms, dads are very proud of their children as well, so sometimes they want something that just gives them a reminder of how great of a role model they’ve been. I’m going to share a few very inexpensive gift ideas that dad might enjoy from the kids this year!

Father's Day Gift Ideas That Just About Any Dad Would Love

Best Dad Ever T-Shirt

This t-shirt is super simple and inexpensive, but most dads would love to have one to wear! Putting this shirt together with a card or art piece that the the kids have drawn would make it pretty exciting. It’s a small and simple way to tell dad just how much he is appreciated.

Fill In The Blank Book About Dad With Prompts About What The Kid’s Love About Him

I really love the idea of this book! Young children are the most hilarious when it comes to asking them something and letting them fill in the blank. I mean who knows what they will really say?! This could be a fun project to do with your small child and surprise dad with this book telling him what the kids think about him! Somethings you’ll just never know until you ask! This would be something that could just be kept for many years and even shared with the children at a later date.

Best Dad Ever Mug

Like the shirt up above, these two things share the exact same message, but this mug would be awesome for dad to be able to take to work. He would probably be proud to bring this mug with him to any meeting that he attends and it’s something that he could just keep right on his desk at work!

Dad Picture Frame

This picture frame is probably my favorite thing on this list! I love the message and all it takes is a cute picture insert of dad and the kids. Super simple, but super special all at the same time!

#1 Dad Hat

Does dad like wearing a hat around? If so, this might be the perfect gift for him! A really simple, special ball cap to throw on when he leaves the house to run errands or is spending a special evening out with the family!

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Before you go…

Sometimes we put wayy too much stress on ourselves with what to buy and what to do, but sometimes the simplest of gifts are the best of them. A couple, or even one of these things here could make dad very happy and they are all inexpensive but a great way to show recognition for Father’s Day. As much as dad would enjoy receiving a gift, I think it’s usually the kids that are most excited with being able to present dad with something special!

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