How To Fix Damaged Baseboard/Moulding
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I had NEVER realized that dogs even did things like this! But anyway, let me tell you how this all went down!

Almost 2 years ago I had the kitchen remodeled so everything was looking brand new. Can you tell by the subject of this post what happened? Yep, you guessed right, the puppy chewed the baseboard, in not one, but two places ?. You guessed it! That quote up above was my immediate reaction! I can’t be the only one going through things like this, so I figured I’d share the easiest way to take care of this little problem yourself!

How To Fix Damaged Baseboard/Crown Moulding

Once Charley got ahold of the baseboard, it looked like this:

How To Fix Damaged Baseboard/Crown Moulding

I originally reached out to the contractor that did the work to see what his recommendation was, and he volunteered to come back to repair it. Since this is a DIY post, can you guess what happened there? Yep, he never came, so I had to take matters into my own hands ?, and figure out how to do it myself! Well, kind of!

Thanks to my friend Alexis, I learned that in order to fix it, this is everything that you need:

How To Fix Damaged Baseboard/Crown Moulding

What I gathered for this project included:

From there, the fun began! First, I sanded the area down to be smooth and then I applied the Plastic All Purpose Wood Filler. Since this area was smaller, I just applied this with my finger. As you can see from the photo below, this stuff is purple, so don’t be too alarmed but it does dry a more natural color.

After applying the wood filler, the area looked like this:

How To Fix Damaged Baseboards/Crown Moulding

I started this project late at night, so I let it dry overnight. After it dried, I was able to use the sander to smooth it out.

How To Fix Damaged Baseboard/Crown Moulding

I did have to apply a second coat of the wood filler to the corner and then sand it out again. With the damage being on the corner, it was a little more difficult to get the ‘point’ to look good on the edge.

How to Fix Damaged Baseboard/Crown Moulding

Once everything was sanded down in a way that I like, I was finally able to add the paint. The paint was still drying when I took this picture, but here is the final product:

Looks much better right? Here’s the best part, all of those products cost me just under $20!

Have you ever had a dog chew the wall in your home? Puppies tend to chew on EVERYTHING, but I must admit this is the first dog that I’ve had that chewed on the wall, it’s usually my shoes they go after. If this happened to you or something else damaged your baseboard or crown moulding, you now have the solution to have it fixed in no time!

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  1. Thank you so much! I just got a yorkie puppy and I live in an apartment. He has so many toys and yesterday I ran to the store without crating him (just like 10min) came back and had the same thing right on the corner. I wondered if it’s because he’s teething? Idk but thankful for this fix.

    1. Hi Alicia! May have been! I think that was what was going on with my Yorkie as well. This was a quick and easy fix though. Looks good as new! 🙂

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