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If you’re looking for a way to save and just don’t know if you have enough money, then you’re in the right place!  I feel like we all go through this from time to time and it definitely makes things hard when you don’t know how to save but would love to, whether it may be for family vacations, college, a new home, car, etc.  Sometimes as fast as we get paid, the money seems to vanish and we don’t know where it’s going. Ever have that happen? I sure have! I’m going to share with you a few “smaller” things to give up if you’re interested in saving more money. If you start here, you’re sure to see a change! The key is not creating the list, but actually sticking to it! The best way to save is to give up the things you don’t really need, but the things that definitely cut into your budget.

#1 Fast Food

Giving up fast food is a hard one because who doesn’t like to eat out? Exactly! We all do! If you take a look at what you’ve spent your money on over the last month or two, I could almost guarantee you that fast food appears on that statement a few too many times. Start here with cutting back on how often you eat out and you’re sure to see a change in what you’re able to save. Take a look at your bank statements and the amount that you’ve spent on fast food and work towards setting that amount aside for your savings! Buying groceries and eating at home can definitely save you more money in the long run because it is much cheaper than eating at restaurants, having to leave a tip, etc.

#2 Brand Name Items

I used to be really bad at this one, but only when it came to certain things. We all want the best of the best, right? True! But who said that having the best has to be the most expensive. Let’s talk about groceries. Spending lots of money on brand name groceries isn’t always necessary! Buying name brand groceries doesn’t sound expensive, but those smaller purchases add up and why spend that extra cash if you don’t have to. Sometimes you’ll find that you like the store brand even better! Take this into consideration for other name brand items you purchase normally. Ask yourself, is there a store brand that’s much cheaper that works just as good?

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#3 Bottled Water

I know some people would really hate giving up bottled water, but the truth is unless you have a well, we all pay a water bill each month, so why pay for more water? If anything, invest in a filter for your water and continue to use that time and time again. This will help you save. If you absolutely insist, think about buying the store brand to help you save!

#4 Soda

It pains me to say this one, ha, but honestly soda is expensive and bad for you anyway. If you’re looking for a way to save, kick this bad habit too and work towards a healthier you!

#5 Coffee

Buying coffee is another unnecessary expense. There is really no need to buy coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts when you can simply make it at home or after you get to work and save that extra cash.

#6 Using ATMs That Don’t Belong To Your Bank

If you get in the habit of using any ATM, shy away from that and only use the ones that belong to your bank. Using an ATM that doesn’t belong to your bank just results in a fee from that bank and yours. It’s ridiculous to be charged to take out YOUR OWN money from the bank. This is something that should only be used when you’re in a bind, but if you plan ahead, hopefully you can avoid the bind, and extra expense ?.

#7 Salons

Most women love going to nail and hair salons! That’s our way to relax and take a moment to ourselves, but honestly polishing our nails and styling our hair is something that we can do ourselves. If you like getting gel nails this is even something that you can do at home. Amazon actually sells the UV nail lamp and gel polish to make it easier for you to do this at home. If you’re interested in checking that out, click here! Going to the salon can be super expensive, so this is a huge way to save!

Comment below and let me know some ways that you’ve saved, or are currently using to save! Sometimes when we think about saving money we always look to cut back on the large expenses, but sometimes it’s the little things that we have to adjust to free up some extra cash.

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  1. Amy Barclay says:

    I have learned how to groom my shih tzu.

    When i lost my job, i realized spending $75 every 3 months was not an expense our family could afford.

    My neighbor let me borrow their expensive grooming tools and there i was, getting hands on practice. Cut too short, no worries. It grows out soon enough. I’m getting better as time goes on.

    You mentioned buying in bulk. I get things from and it is delivered to my door. Toilet paper and paper plates to name a couple. Target had a buy 2 bulk paper towels and get a $10 gift card.

    Another person told me about to get groceries delivered to your home. Save on gas money and no impulse buys. She shopped the clearance items mainly snd stocked up.

    I shop at CVS and have their extracare card. You get coupons and i saved $15 yesterday with their 30% off coupon in addition to a $3 off and manufacturer coupons. Stacking coupons is great.

    Evaluate your cell phone and cable and internet bills. Ask to talk to their retention dept. When you mention you are considering changing providers, they may cut your bill to keep you. It costs you nothing to ask.

    I did buyout on hubby and my cell phones at end of lease. Dropped the insurance i had on mine and we save $68 a month just with that. Directv is next…

    Loved your blog and look forward to reading more.

    1. That’s awesome Amy! I’ve learned somethings myself from reading your comment. I do love the savings from the CVS Extracare Card! I’ve saved a lot using that and coupons together!

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Ready to make bedtime with your baby a success?

Our For The Love of Sleep bedtime routine checklist will show you exactly what steps to take to quickly begin creating a simple bedtime routine to help your baby settle down quicker at night for a better night's sleep!