How To THRIVE During The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic!
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The last few weeks have had everyone up in arms about COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. Several things are happening right now alongside the virus including stock market drops, business closures, work hours being cut, lost jobs, schools being closed, graduations postponed, proms being cancelled, etc. I mean the list just goes on! Now that we’re having to spend a lot more time at home, many are struggling with being home all day from work without talking to their co-workers as much, having the kids home from school while they are trying to work, and figuring out how they are supposed to manage it all when there’s no escape. My goal is to share with you 5 ways to thrive at home during this worldwide crisis!

#1 Establish & Maintain A Routine

Life can easily get unorganized when you’re working from home and the kids are also home from school. To make things simpler, create a routine! Map out the day from start to finish. If the kids were in school, there would be a schedule, and if you were working at the office you’d have some sort of schedule too, right? So creating structure in the home environment will make things a whole lot easier. You see, one thing I had to realize for myself was the day got so much better when I actually started it like a normal work day. Now, that doesn’t mean get up at my regular time of 6 a.m., ha, but I wake up at 7 a.m. so that I can start my normal workday at 7:30 a.m. like I would if I was in the office. I still take a shower every morning, brush my teeth, do my hair and get dressed. Now, I don’t get dressed in my regular attire of jeans and such, lol, but I do find a new set of lounge clothes to wear. Just starting the day off fresh gives me a little boost! I realize how simple that sounds, but so many people just roll out of bed and start their day in the same clothes they slept in the night before. That just doesn’t give you the morning pick me up that you need!

I have some friends that have shared that being home for work keeps them feeling down, but a lot of that has to do with how you start your day, and the schedule you put in place for the rest of the day and moving forward. Maybe you have to find time to home school your kids that are home from school, so add that to the schedule as well, along with everyone’s mealtimes. When the kids are at school, they eat breakfast and lunch at a certain time every day, so why can’t they do that at home? Plus, having a schedule for these things will make it all easier for you, and them!

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#2 Simplify Meals!

Once you’ve gotten your schedule in place, start thinking of ways to simplify the meals you and your family have at home. Figuring out breakfast, lunch and dinner can sometimes be a struggle, especially when you can’t order out as much as you used to, if at all.

First things first, don’t overthink it! Planning meals can add unnecessary stress and anxiety, and for what? Because no one said that the kids had to have a gourmet breakfast and fancy lunches. Think of quick things you or your kids can grab from the pantry in the morning for breakfast. Not every breakfast has to be bacon and eggs. What about cereal and milk, or a breakfast bar and fruit? Then start working on your lunch options; what kind of sandwiches would everyone like to eat for lunch? Tired of sandwiches? What about nuggets, or making pizza? What quick sides could you put together for the main dish chosen? Then focus on spending time cooking dinner at the end of the night. When the kids are home, sometimes it seems like they never stop eating, and most times, it’s out of boredom so creating a schedule will help keep everyone occupied and aware of when to expect meals and snack times.

#3 Keep Things Neat & Organized

Now, one thing I struggle to work in, is an unorganized and/or cluttered work environment. I remember when I interviewed for my current job, one of the questions I was asked by our Senior VP was “what would you say your weakness is?” Right off the bat, I knew the answer. I said “I would say that my weakness is that I like everything neat, organized and in it’s place when it’s not being used.” He looked puzzled for a second or two, so I carried on to explain. I told him that sometimes me being so organized can get in the way because if you hand me something to work on that’s not organized, or incomplete, I’m going to spend time fixing it first before I can even work on it which may have it on my desk longer than the next person. I told him for some people, they are able to work with what they have and not worry too much about the disorganization, therefore they are able to get it done in less time. He smiled at me and said I see your point. He said that originally he wouldn’t normally see someone’s strong organizational skills as a weakness, but he could see where I was coming from and was now able to see things from both perspectives.

Now, I did say “current” job, ha. So yes, I got hired, but I say all of this to say that, for many of us we feel so much better when things are already tidy and organized. While you probably don’t want to be OCD like me, simply being organized when you’re trying to work in an environment you’re used to living in, not working in creates a clean environment that makes you want to work in it. When things are cluttered and disorganized in your work environment, it’ll make you immediately feel overwhelmed with what you have even when the reality is, it’s not that much. Just think about it!

#4 Working From Home?
Maintain Contact With Co-Workers!

I’ve been working from home for the last 3 weeks straight. While working from home here and there was something that was always an option, it has never been something that I’ve done on a consistent basis without ever stepping foot in the office. Working from home can be very isolating. Sometimes parents look for ways to step away from there children and have some “adult” time, even if it’s just going to work and spending time with co-workers. For those that don’t have any kids, sometimes it’s just nice to be somewhere other than home. I received a call today from one of my former co-workers. While I don’t talk to her everyday, she has been a good friend of mine ever since I started working at my last job. When she called, she said “I was just checking on you and making sure you were safe.” That meant a lot to me. Who said when you move on in your career, the true friends won’t stick around? I know, right?! Point is, simple calls like that can make someone’s day.

With my current co-workers, we communicate via Skype using messenger or video chat which has been helpful. I also have a video call scheduled every week with my supervisor just to check in on one another, and weekly section meetings that we do with the legal team just to see everyone’s faces, and pets, ha. Maintaining this regular contact and actually being able to still see them every week, has made things feel more like normal! Find some time during the day to call, text or video chat and check in with your co-workers!

Conclusion &
#5 Stay Positive & Focus On The Future

Sometimes it can be tough to see anything beyond today. There are so many parts of life that are unclear and unknown. The biggest thing that causes fear in almost everyone is fear of the unknown, and that’s exactly what’s happening with this virus. Work to be one step ahead! Create a plan for your household. Once you’ve made the things we’ve discussed in this post your new normal, you’ll start to see a difference. Stay positive, because overcoming challenges will show you new ways of looking at the world!

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Ready to make bedtime with your baby a success?

Our For The Love of Sleep bedtime routine checklist will show you exactly what steps to take to quickly begin creating a simple bedtime routine to help your baby settle down quicker at night for a better night's sleep!