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I’m going to talk to the men today. Today, I’m here for you! I’m going to let yall in on a few things that women love! My mom used to say, “if you don’t know, you better ask somebody.” Well yall don’t have to ask anybody, cause I’m telling you right now. Here are 4 different ways to keep your woman happy. Check this out!

#1 We like it when you chase us!

Women love the chase! When a man takes the time to chase a woman it truly shows his interest. There is a way to do this though. No woman, well let me rephrase that, MOST women do not like an overly persistent man, so you don’t want to be THAT guy. Women are leery of men that are clingy, controlling and let’s not forget, a man that doesn’t know how to be with ONE woman. We hate sharing! We want to be your sole focus. A man that keeps a smile on his woman’s face, even with the little things, is attractive to us. A man that shows a woman that he is simply interested by seeking her out with nice gestures, is usually going to win her over. This won’t last for long if you are one of those guys that ‘trap’ women by doing and saying all the right things, but not meaning any of them. We always catch on to this! Most women, myself included, are skeptical of when a man is too nice, because then we are usually waiting for the “true you” to show up and let us know you are just like the rest. We know that’s not always the case, but we have to see for ourselves. Most women can see right through you when you are all about that talking, and not about that action! A man “setting the trap” is a woman’s biggest fear. No woman wants to look crazy standing next to a man that is not truly hers alone and doesn’t show his support. Once we get that feeling of security in a relationship, we still like the chase. We still like surprises that involve randomly sending flowers, scheduling date night, spending quality time together, etc. No woman wants a man that is more about the game than being in the relationship. When you finally catch us, don’t slow down on the affection. Things get boring really fast and being in the relationship takes time and effort on both parts. Women love men that can keep them feeling special. Generally, we return the effort.

#2 Guy time is necessary!

We won’t be mad at ‘cha! A real woman will not want you to give up your man-time with your friends to be under her 24/7. I got to tell you, I love my space! Time together is great, but I don’t want to be your shadow. I think it is such a myth that women don’t want their men to spend time with the fellas. The same way we want time with the ladies, we want you to have that same time with your boys. Half the time, we are happy when you leave the house for a bit, we just like you back at a decent hour. BUT, yall like to take advantage! Yall be like, “I’m going out with the guys, be back in a few,” and then when you get back at 4 a.m., you wonder why she’s mad! Come on bruh! You know you’d be mad too, if your girl pulled that! Sometimes you just have to put the shoe on the other foot! We’d never take your friends away because they are a huge part of who you are. The only way a woman will come between you and your boys is when she feels disrespected by them or feel they encourage you to talk to other women, but the reality is, you have to be man enough to put that friend in his place. Nobody can make you do anything that you don’t really want to do. Simple. As. That.

#3 When a woman says she’s fine, she doesn’t really mean it!

Most men know women love to talk. We all love to talk! Woman are definitely communicators, so when you ask us something and we say ‘fine,’ we do not EVER mean that we are actually fine! Whether you choose to try and figure out what the problem is or let it go, is up to you. I’m telling you though, we are never okay when we say that. Oh, here’s another one, when we say “it’s okay,” we don’t mean that either! We sometimes get the impression that men don’t care, so when you show you do, it means a lot. But, most things for men go out the window. We say I’m fine, you think okay good. WRONG! Then we end up mad at you later and you can’t figure out why. I know, I know, we can act like babies, but that’s because we like to be spoiled by our men. We love a good man that takes the time to want to know what the problem is, and a man that does NOT lose his temper doing it. Half the time all you really have to do to a upset woman, is pull her into your arms and hug her. 9 times out of 10, you just made her smile. It’s simple.

Here’s somethings to keep in mind:

  1. If you make the effort to figure out what the problem is, in our eyes, means we’re worth the effort;
  2. If you figure it out and actually try to fix it, it shows that you care; and
  3. If we have to tell you what the problem is and then you take the time to handle it, then we don’t know the true reason why you did it. We don’t know if it’s because you wanted to, or because we asked you to.

#4 Don’t create doubt! There is no coming back.

Never create doubt for your woman. Once you create doubt, whether it surrounds other women and cheating, not being reliable, not being stable with work, not showing up for the kids activities regularly without good reason, etc., it will be hard for her to forget and move forward. If a woman even THINKS you’re cheating, unless you going on Maury Povich, there is no coming back! Do everything you can to make her feel special. It’s not always that she’s being insecure, but the saying is true that actions speak louder than words. We trust your actions way faster than we believe anything that you say. When your woman calls you, you should answer. She’s important, and you have to do everything to make her feel that she is!

These are just a couple of the things that you should do to keep your woman happy. So many guys don’t know how to be a man. Loving on your woman, getting the door for her, holding her hand, hugging her, the list goes on (not to mention, none of those things cost you a dime). These are all the things that keep us happy. It’s not always about buying things all the time. Gifts are great, but showing your love in other ways is always best. Be the gentleman. When you’re in a relationship, the focus should be on building an empire together. Not being there will cause you to lose the woman you love and the option to get her back is not always there. Make her a PRIORITY! If you truly love her, show her and appreciate her. People say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, but the truth is, you know what you have, you just never think you’ll lose it.

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