3 Steps to Baby Sleep Success (Includes Mini Workbook & Routine Cards)


The foundation you need to start improving your baby’s sleep overnight!  The ultimate goal is to help your baby get better sleep at night, so you can too!


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Are you exhausted because your baby is waking up so often during the night?

3 Steps to Baby Sleep Success is the ultimate starter guide to helping you get your baby on track with better sleeping habits.  This guide also helps you understand why your baby may not be sleeping well at night so you’re able to assess and adjust.  It’s the foundation you need

Do you dream of…

  • Having your baby sleep for longer stretches at night, instead of waking every few hours.
  • Getting the much-needed sleep you deserve, rather than having to get up during the night because your baby is awake!
  • Establishing a bedtime routine with your little one in a way he/she is able to understand, and avoid the fuss at bedtime.
  • Having your baby self-soothe and get to sleep alone, without you having to rock him/her.
  • Waking up feeling energized and happy, instead of exhausted and worn out.
  • Being able to quickly determine steps to take when your baby is hard to settle, and avoid the overwhelm.


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Ready to make bedtime with your baby a success?

Our For The Love of Sleep bedtime routine checklist will show you exactly what steps to take to quickly begin creating a simple bedtime routine to help your baby settle down quicker at night for a better night's sleep!