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Are you ready for the new year? Are you looking forward to having a clean slate and starting this year BRAND NEW?

Cheers to new beginnings! Starting a new year is so exciting to me. I personally like to set goals for myself at different times and throughout the year. I may set a goal for the new year, but I will set another, and another as the year moves forward. I think the hardest thing that people struggle with (myself included) is finding a new year’s resolution and sticking with it throughout the year or through completion, whichever comes first. Here are tips for how you can make a new year’s resolution and actually follow through:


First things first, prepare for the new year ahead of time and make sure you pick the right resolution! I think it’s very important to pick one resolution at a time. I’m guilty of starting the new year in the past with several resolutions and it was hard to do and I failed at it. I was so used to my normal routine, that trying to adjust by adding several things, really complicated things and made my vision for my goal diminish little by little because it seemed out of reach. And guess what happened when the next year started. I set the SAME. RESOLUTION. AGAIN! Once I started picking ONE resolution that was realistic for me, and something that I actually desired and wanted for myself, it made reaching the goal so much easier! When you truly want something for yourself, it makes “hitting the mark” exciting and you’ll enjoy getting there. A lot of people tend to set goals that are unrealistic and when you feel that completing your resolution is a chore, you are less likely to make it.

Once you have chosen the right resolution for you, brainstorm your plan through completion. If you have to, jot down what you plan do each week or month to make it to your goal, and then, make sure you see it through. If you feel that maybe laying out a plan for specific days might hinder you, try to brainstorm completion over a certain time frame, maybe for the week instead of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, type plan. Make sense? Sometimes when you don’t designate certain days, you don’t have to worry about other plans that may interfere with the days you have planned to work on your resolution. If you happen to get off track, make sure you get back on track. No plan is ever perfect, so don’t worry if you don’t stay on track “to a T.” The biggest thing to worry about, is to work hard to try to get back on track. If you’re serious about your resolution, brainstorming can help you stay on track when it’s time for you to begin your resolution.

Find a Partner

Okay, so now that you have picked your new year’s resolution and have brainstormed and thought everything through, try and see if you can find a friend or family member with a similar resolution. Sometimes it’s helpful when you go through the process with someone else, that way you can both hold each other accountable for remaining on track. Going through the process with someone else makes things a bit more fun. Whether your goal is going to the gym and starting a new workout plan, eating healthier, drinking alcohol less, stop smoking, etc., doing these things with someone else sometimes eases things.

Track Your Progress

As you’re working towards your new year’s resolution, track your progress! I know that when I’m able to see progress, it makes it more exciting to continue with the process. Take notes or take pictures. Whatever it takes to make sure that you reach your goal and stay on track. If life gets in the way, adjust and keep it moving!

Miss The Mark?

So, after all of this, what do you do if you happen to miss your goal? Here’s what you can do…don’t be hard on yourself! Instead of saying “I messed up,” think about what got in the way and interfered with you missing your new year’s resolution and revise your next plan to include a way to overcome those obstacles should they happen again. Remember that you can set a new goal for yourself at any time throughout the year! Who said you can only set a goal at the start of the new year?!

In summary, the next time we set a new year’s resolution or any goal we should:

  1. Plan ahead and think of a realistic resolution/goal for you!
  2. Brainstorm and come up with a plan to see your resolution/goal through to the end.
  3. Find someone with a similar resolution/goal so you can hold each other accountable.
  4. Document either with pictures or notes to create a visual of your progress.
  5. Remember, if you miss your goal or don’t make your resolution, figure out what you could have done differently, then revamp your plan and put your plan back into action!

Cheers to new beginnings!

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