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Are you starting to wonder if you should include family game night for your family? Are you hoping for more family bonding time? Are you thinking about what games may be good ones to include?

Aside from family game night being so much fun, there are actually some reasons why it can be very beneficial to your family to include game night in your weekly plans! Five specific reasons come to mind when I think of the importance of game night, so I’m going to pass them on for you to think about!

Here are the 5 reasons why I think game night is important:

  1. Provides quality time;
  2. Provides open communication;
  3. Teaches valuable life skills;
  4. Teaches kids how to not be sore losers; and
  5. Lastly, it’s cost effective!

Quality Time Is The Best Time

Quality time is something that every family needs. We live in a fast paced society and everyone has a busy schedule, right? Sometimes those schedules can get in the way of time with our families if we aren’t careful. Game night can be pre-planned and everyone would know (especially the kids) that you want to spend time with them and this night is dedicated to “us,” the family. Time together is SO valuable and game night will give everyone the opportunity to talk, laugh together and will create new memories!

Open Communication

Growing up, one of my favorite things about game night was that somehow the game we’d be playing would bring up other memories that we hadn’t thought of in a while. So, game night created open communication and allowed us to talk about things other than the game we were playing at the time. Some games do cause you to focus and pay attention to what’s going on, but in between rounds the opportunity is there to to talk about your day. I know sometimes for me, we tend to think back on our childhood when we play games like this now and I get to share with the kids in my family certain things from our childhood. They love those stories!

Life Skills & No Sore Losers

There are so many options! You can definitely pick age appropriate games that are fun and allow the kids the opportunity to learn. Some games are math related and can help with those skills, some are logic, some require strategy, etc. So many people will let the kids win, but what does that really teach them? I know it’s all in fun, but they also have to learn how to lose as not everyone is going to always let them win. Instead the kids can learn how to play fair and follow the rules!

Cost Effective – Save a Few Coins, But Still Have a Blast!

If nothing else has peaked your interest, I know this one will! If you’re anything like me, you love to save money when you can. Having game night is cost effective and can truly safe a lot on your expenses. If you happen to have a big family, then this is definitely a win for you! Game night is a cheap way to bring everyone together for a night of fun without breaking the bank. When you go out and leave your home for a night of fun, dinner and an activity, it can be expensive. Sometimes it’s just nice to stay in and have the same enjoyment. Once game night becomes a regular thing at your house, I’m sure there will be a selection to choose from to keep things exciting! After your initial purchase of the game, game night is a free way to provide entertainment and allows you to connect with your family on another level!

Growing up, my sister and I spent a lot of time with all of our first cousins. Sometimes there would be days when we couldn’t think of anything to do, especially if it was storming outside. Back in the day, my grandma would not allow us to “make noise” during a storm. The Lord was doing his work, she’d say. So in an effort to find something to do, and do quietly, a lot of the time, we would turn to board games!

Top 3! Here are my favs!

My number one game was Monopoly!

The Monopoly game comes with a special board, houses, hotels, chance and community chest cards, player tokens, two dice, title deed cards for each property and of course, money! Play money that is! Hope I didn’t forget anything, but you get the drift of what you can expect!

The Monopoly board game has a TON of life skills. It’s basically the game of real estate trade. Monopoly can teach kids about math and finances and can also introduce kids to negotiation! The game offers the opportunity to learn about investing, finances, probability, strategy, and social interaction!

Second favorite….TROUBLE!

Trouble was simple board game that allowed 4 people to play. Every player started with color tokens 4 total each of the same color. This game had a bubble in the middle that you had to push down and the dice inside the bubble would flip to a number. Only the numbers 2 and 6 allowed you to leave ‘start,’ but 6 allowed you to get to go twice! In this game if another player landed on you, it would send you back to start and you would have to keep trying until you got another 2 or 6 to get a token out and back in the game. The goal of Trouble was to try to make it around the board and get all 4 of your tokens “home” the fastest before another player beat you. First person with all 4 of their color tokens in their home slot was the winner!

Trouble was definitely a game we cherished. I think this one was my sister’s favorite for quite some time! Trouble can teach your kids math skills as they count to move their way around the board.

Last but not least, my third favorite board game was CLUE!

Clue was the game of mystery! The whole point of the game was to try to find out who committed the crime, what they used to commit the crime and what room the crime was committed in. Back in my day, this game used to come with a clue sheet. As the game progressed, you could mark off different suspects, weapons, or rooms once you realized that person was not responsible and try to keep track of who you thought might be responsible.

Clue is an awesome game of suspense that is super fun to play and requires everyone to play close attention and document different clues to win! On the surface we just think that Clue is a fun game, but this game requires simple reasoning skills, the kind we make everyday. This game could definitely sharpen your child’s logic skills as they solve the mystery of “Whodunnit!”

OMG, talking about these games brings back so many memories! If you’ve never played them, I have no idea what you’re waiting on! Board games are perfect for those days when you’re just looking for something to do or when you and your family are stuck inside and just need something to do to keep from being bored!

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