The Impact Cousins Can Have On Your Child's Life
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When you have the opportunity to see your kids grow up with their cousins it provides a sense of calmness and satisfaction, but also introduces additional role models into your child’s life. Children that have the opportunity to grow up with cousins are growing up with friends that will be there for a lifetime; friends that they share similar interests with, they can be themselves with, and in the end, share the same bloodline with.

How Growing Up With Cousins Impacts Your Child's Life

#1 – There Will Be A Bond Like No Other

How Growing Up With Cousins Impacts Your Child's Life

The bond that you have with your cousins is awesome, especially when you all grow up together. One of the things that can be cool with cousins is that you can share the same similarities as siblings, but the relationship is different because you don’t always see each other on a daily basis. You can sleep over and visit each others’ houses, and share secrets…secrets is the best part?. One other cool thing about cousins is that we maintain different relationships with each one and with the different age ranges, we’re able to learn different values of life.

I remember when I was a kid hanging with all of my cousins brought some of the best memories. Even today, we’re more like siblings than cousins. I will personally take hanging out with my cousins anyday over hanging with my friends (sorry yall?), because it’s so easy to just be yourself and say whatever you want without judgment. One of my cousins calls me every morning on the way to work, and I talk to her every evening on the way home. We share a bond that can NEVER be broken.

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#2 – They Are Your First Friends

How Growing Up With Cousin's Impacts Your Life

When you’re growing up, your cousins quickly become your first friends and your best friends. My sister and I are 7 years apart and she got super tired of me fast (today is a different story, ha), but even though I only had one sibling and we shared a significant age gap, my cousins were the fillers in between and that was great to have. Due to the 7 year age gap, my sister quickly became a role model for me. Little did she know, I watched her every move growing up ?, and if it wasn’t her, it was one of my cousins.

Cousins become an important part of your children’s lives because they become the go-to for sharing secrets, adventures, toys/games, etc., and they quickly become role models too. If your child for whatever reason doesn’t feel comfortable telling you something, their cousins are probably the go-to. Other than their parents, a child won’t look up to anyone faster than a cousin of theirs, and most of the time they want to be just like each other. In the event they disagree, it won’t last for long; they’ll be best friends again in no time.

I remember when I was a kid every Christmas “Santa” would bring me a new game console, and my cousin TeSean would get a new one too. Nintendo was my thing and Sega was his, so every single time I’d come over on Christmas and most other times, I’d pack up my game so that I could play when I got to his house and he’d do the same when he came to mine. I do remember his house being more fun, because he and his brother shared a room and had two TVs in the same room, so I enjoyed being able to hook my game up on one TV while he had the other and then we could talk and play at the same time. We would even make the promise that in the event something happened to one of us, the other one could have the game. Sad, but cute, ha. Every now and then we like to reflect back on those moments as adults.

How Growing Up With Cousin's Impacts Your Kids Life

Do yall remember watching Ricki Lake? If not, shame on you, ha. So let me tell yall something that me and my cousin TeSean would do as kids and it made absolutely no sense, but we still laugh about today… on summer breaks while at each others houses, we used to fix one pack of Ramen noodles and split it, then watch Ricki Lake together. When we were done, we would still be hungry so we would fix a second pack that we could split again, haha. Makes no sense when all we had to do was fix two packs in the beginning, but that’s how we were. The point is, he was my best friend growing up; we shared EVERYTHING. (We were also pretty disappointed when Ricki Lake went off the air, ha)

Now, I’m not saying that as cousins, life will be picture perfect for the kids; you can definitely expect the kids to bicker, fuss and fight, but they will have each other’s backs nonetheless. My cousins were always my protectors.

3 – Relationships With Cousins Remain The Same Even When Life Happens

As we grow up we create lives for ourselves, right? So the cousins you saw on a regular basis as a kid, you may not see or speak with regularly anymore, but every single time you get together as an adult, even through the lesser conversations and visits, the relationship remains the same because the bond is built as a child. It’s always easy to pick up right where you left off as if you just talked yesterday.

How Growing Up With Cousins Impacts Your Child's Life

One other great thing about cousins is they are truly always happy for your accomplishments (at least in my family they are ?). We’re never in competition with one another. I bought a house this year and my cousins came through with helping me buy the things I needed and installing different things throughout the house. When I tell yall there is nothing like family, it’s the truth, and it’s not just about what they do for me, it’s the bond that we share and the great times that we have when we are together again.

I say all of this to say, encourage the relationship between your child and their cousins because there is really nothing like it! I can’t even picture life without my cousins; having them has truly been a blessing in itself.

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